Why Now Is A Great Time To Be An Entrepreneur


There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur. Even though we are living in uncertain times, these are also exciting times for innovation, exploration, and new businesses.

If you have been considering a move into entrepreneurship now may be the best time for you to jump in and today we are sharing the top 10 reasons why.

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  1. Set up and delivery of products and services has never been easier--With so many companies going through digital transformations and the current technology it is easier now than ever before to get up and running with a new business. You can build a website within a couple of hours. Setting up payments, deliveries, marketing outreach, etc... has never been easier or faster. 
  2. Building digital has never been easier--The way we live has changed so much over this past year, now is the time for new ideas and experiences to come up. We have seen some exciting innovation taking place in our area. Some examples include a pop up perfume truck, a toy store that lets kids shop through FaceTime, and a clothing store that lets customers pick out clothes through augmented reality. We’ve also seen restaurants move to contactless delivery of food. Digital is being used to innovate everything, even brick and mortar stores. 
  3. Widespread resources for entrepreneurs--Never before have we had so many resources as entrepreneurs that are easy, cheap, and sometimes free to use! There are so many options for us to use for websites, landing pages, newsletters, brand building, social media, marketing, etc… Launching a new business can be quick and painless. 
  4. Every tough time presents new opportunities--All throughout history there have been hard times and challenges that businesses have had to face. But difficult times also present new opportunities and a demand for new products and services. New possibilities come from times when the status quo is challenged like times we are in. Think about what experiences you want to have with your family that you can’t experience in this pandemic. What would make your life easier and better? People who are able to adapt to the change can create some great new products and services that turn into name brands we all use. 
  5. A lot of people are rethinking their careers--There are so many people going through career shifts right now. People are finding that they have to reinvent themselves in order to deal with being laid off or let go in these times. In this time when you are pivoting, maybe it’s time to try entrepreneurship. 
  6. A lot of layoffs, no job security--Now with so many layoffs people are waking up and realizing they want to be in charge of their own destiny. The only job security you will have is one you create yourself. Even huge industries like airlines, cruise lines, theme parks, etc… have had to lay people off. We can’t rely on organizations anymore to be loyal and take care of us. 
  7. You can hire anyone, anywhere--With the technology and platforms we have it is possible to access the world’s top talent no matter where they are located. You don’t have to focus on people in your local area. You can hire the best people to help you from anywhere in the world. Also entrepreneurship is more accepted worldwide now. There used to be a stigma around entrepreneurship, people felt that it was an odd path to take, it was only for people who were unemployed and couldn’t find work, it wasn’t widespread. Now it is much more accepted and respected. 
  8. Starting a business today doesn’t cost a lot of money--One of the great things about starting a business today is that you can be up and running for very low cost. You will have some costs for things like marketing and a website, but they are minimal. And nowadays there are so many choices for these services that you can compare pricing and pick the one that works for you. 
  9. Access to so much information and data--You can learn anything online. You can listen to experts and get advice from people who are doing something similar. We have access to YouTube, online courses, podcasts, articles. You can learn from other people’s mistakes. You can join groups to communicate with other people and ask questions. 
  10. Blue ocean--During times of crises whole new marketplaces are created. What people need and want changes in times of difficulty. Over this past year we have seen so many opportunities come about. Take advantage of these unique times. Figure out where the demand is and go innovate!

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