Why Every Entrepreneur Needs To Be a Storyteller and How To Become One


Throughout history, people have connected with stories. And the ability to tell a compelling story is crucial to your success as an entrepreneur.

Kindra Hall, bestselling author and keynote speaker, has built her business around storytelling and firmly believes that every entrepreneur and business professional needs to be a storyteller.

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 Stories are powerful ways to build connections and relationships, develop empathy, and showcase a brand. In a crowded and competitive marketplace, stories allow entrepreneurs to differentiate themselves and add a personal touch to their business.

Given a choice between listening to statistics or facts or listening to a story, people will always choose a story. And stories stick with them longer.

Entrepreneurs can use stories to share why they created their business, what makes them unique, the mission behind their products, and their journey and vision for the future. Stories can be told in person, through marketing materials, online, and even though our thoughts and the stories we tell ourselves.

But not all stories are created equally. Compelling stories bring the listener to what Kindra calls the co-creative process by involving them in the action and sharing the emotions of the experience with them.

Kindra says that all successful stories have four key components:

  1. An identifiable character. Listeners need to be able to connect to a human in the story. Kindra says that businesses often talk in vague terms, but effective stories must have an identifiable character that listeners can picture and connect with emotionally.
  2. Authentic emotion. Kindra points out that a compelling story doesn’t have to be super emotional and ready for a movie. Even small emotions add dimension to the story and help listeners build connections.
  3. A moment. Every story should have a slowdown where the listener can zoom in and picture themselves in the story. Slowing down and focusing on a specific moment combines the experience of the story with the listener’s own experiences.
  4. Specific details. Effective stories need particular details that bring the story to life and drive the co-creative process.

Becoming a skilled storyteller takes practice and vulnerability, but the effort can lead to strong relationships, empathy, and emotional connections. If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, become a storyteller.  

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