Rachel Hollis On the Importance of Authenticity and Growth


How did Rachel Hollis create an empire of best-selling books, podcasts, and events? By embracing imperfection, being authentic, and accepting opportunities to grow.

Throughout her life and career, Rachel has challenged assumptions and taken risks to become not only a feminist leader but also a successful entrepreneur who has inspired women around the world. But that path hasn’t always been easy.

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One of Rachel’s core values is growth, which she admits can be difficult. One day she was sitting on the floor, crying, and eating a cookie because life felt so hard. But as she journaled, she realized that growth isn’t possible unless you’re uncomfortable. Rachel says that you can either accept the fact that you’re going to learn hard lessons to grow, or you can stay where you are in life. If you want to keep evolving, it will be uncomfortable.

As Rachel grows and learns in her own life, she looks for ways to take those lessons and share them with other people. Part of that growth is being authentic and embracing imperfection. Rachel keeps all her old interviews and speeches that she stumbled through posted online to show people that it’s ok to be flawed and make mistakes. Embracing authenticity builds connections with her audience and shows that she is a real person, just like the women she is speaking to.

Too often, entrepreneurs, especially women, are afraid to try something new because they think they have to be perfect and have everything together. Rachel hopes that by showcasing and celebrating the messy middle ground and her learning experiences, she can inspire other women to use their voices for good. She aims to show that women don’t have to fit into the buckets they are expected to but can instead create their own buckets and chart their own paths, even if it’s uncomfortable. 

Success as an entrepreneur and in life comes from embracing the imperfections and being uncomfortable so you can grow. To have their voices heard, women have to take risks and be bold, but the result is so needed and can lead to tremendous opportunities.  

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