How To Turn Your Content Into A Profitable Business


When Tara Clark decided to create a monetized Instagram account in 2016, very few people were doing it or even thought it was possible. Tara saw the potential to use her professional experience in social media and build a brand centered around motherhood. She took the brave step, and today Modern Mom Probs has more than 750,000 Instagram followers to go along with Tara’s successful blog, book, and clothing subscription service.

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Social media is a powerful tool for creating and growing a brand. But Tara warns that there’s more to it than just posting nice pictures and witty captions—content creation involves countless hours of planning, editing, coordinating outside help, working with brands, building a community, and more.

At the heart of growing social media presence is community. Tara says it’s called social media for a reason because it allows people to connect with and engage with others. When Tara started her social media brand five years ago, she found a group of other entrepreneurs who supported and shared each other’s content. That community gave her the tools and insights to grow her brand and helped her find more success than she would have on her own.

Tara acknowledges that there is a certain amount of luck to social media, especially when a post goes viral and brings in tons of new followers. But her best advice is to engage with people by having fresh content that resonates with them. When people see content they can connect with and that is valuable to them, it brings them together and builds a strong community they want to share with others. Tara’s account started as a place to share jokes and memes about motherhood but has expanded to also include inspirational and educational mom-related content. Offering a wider variety of content and expanding into video has helped her brand grow. Creative content that stands out can catch people’s eyes. 

Tara also recommends putting your content everywhere. Repurposing content by putting the same image or caption in your newsletter, blog, Instagram page, etc., maximizes your work and effort while also ensuring the content is seen by more people and can have a greater impact without a higher cost.

There's no better place for full-time influencers or entrepreneurs looking to build their brand than social media. Growing your social media presence doesn’t happen overnight, but with consistent effort and community-building, you can see strong results over time. 

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