How to Get 1 Million Followers on Social Media


Today, every entrepreneur has the ability to reach countless potential customers.

It’s all about your following and content creation strategy.

Brendan Kane, founder of Hook Point, has helped countless companies and entrepreneurs grow their social media followings.

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He says having an audience leads to stronger relationships and supporters in your endeavors and opportunities for strategic partnerships and other ways to grow the brand.

Although there are numerous growth strategies, Brendan says what matters most is the content strategy. Without the right content strategy, your content will get suppressed by the algorithms and won't have strong reach and engagement.

It can be tempting to focus on the number of followers, but Brendan recommends focusing on how much time people spend consuming your content because that leads to followers. If you master reach and engagement, you will generate followers. If you master time spent with your content, you will master the followers.

Many entrepreneurs struggle to grow their social media channels and build engagement because they use outdated social media workflows. Instead of starting with a brand guideline to dictate their ideation, Brendan recommends starting with research to identify what is and isn’t working in the ecosystem. That means looking beyond just your direct competition to see what other contributors and brands are doing.

That research can help you make an informed hypothesis of what drives performance in the content. You then take those hypotheses to form your ideation. Brendan gives the example of YouTube—if research shows a particular format and structure for a video makes it successful, try producing a single video in that format. You can then measure the success of that single piece of content to inform the process over again. If that video didn’t perform, look at what didn’t work, what elements were off, and what made it unsuccessful. Then tweak the approach and try again. 

This strategy is the opposite of most people creating a slate of content for months at a time, but it allows entrepreneurs to hone in on creating quality content in the right format. 

After working with social media creators and brands of all sizes for years, Brendan says people’s biggest mistake is focusing on frequency over quality. The old way of thinking told entrepreneurs to push out as much content as possible, and something would stick. But Brendan says frequency only matters once you have your content dialed in. To get to that point, you have to slow down and try different types of content, experiment, and see what resonates with your audience. Success and growth come from studying content formats and making decisions based on that.

Instead of focusing on numbers, focus on content. Taking an agile approach to content creation can help brands of all sizes create an engaged and connected audience. 

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