Episode 30: Being Your Own Boss And Having Your Own Baby


If you listened to last week’s episode you heard us talk about our top tips for the pregnant entrepreneur (and the spouse of one). This week, we are taking that one step further and we are giving our tips and advice for entrepreneurs once the baby is born. 

As we mentioned in the previous episode, we have two young kids, so we know from experience how it is to run a business while also having a baby to take care of. It is hard, it is challenging. We won’t sugarcoat it and pretend that it is an easy thing to do. But it is definitely doable, and we are living proof you can have a baby and be a successful entrepreneur!

Here are some things we have done to make things more manageable. 

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Lean in and don’t disappear

You don’t have to choose between having kids and being an entrepreneur. You can do both! As Sheryl Sandberg shares in her book, Lean In, the years that women usually step away from their careers to raise families are the years when men are typically making big strides in their careers, gaining steam, and progressing. 

It can be hard to go back to work after you have been away for several years. Embrace the exhaustion and the challenge! Don’t worry about perfection, just lean in and do what you can. This is where your spouse or partner can help as well. If you are the spouse or partner of a woman who just had a baby, encourage her, support her, and don’t let her disappear. 

Don’t forget the baby

It may seem like common sense, but don’t forget about the baby. After having your baby you may feel like you need to jump back in to full time work, but babies need time, attention, and love. There will always be more work, projects, deadlines, etc… but your baby will only be a baby for a short time. Don’t miss out on that precious time. You may have to do less than you did before the baby, and that is okay. 

You may also feel guilty about working when you have a baby--this is very normal. You don’t have to feel guilty, but if you do, remember it is normal to feel that way and you are doing the best that you can. Enjoy the time you have with your kids and enjoy the time you have in your work. Find the happy medium that works for you. 

Get help early, don’t try to do it all

It is human nature to want to try to do everything on our own, but you don’t have to. It is important when you have a baby to seek out help any chance you get. Hire someone to help with your business’ social media presence, get someone to answer your calls or to reply to emails. 

On the personal side maybe you can get a nanny or a housekeeper. You can have your groceries delivered. Maybe you have family members who are willing to help out. Lean on your spouse or partner to help out with the baby or around the house. Give yourself permission to ask for help and don’t be afraid to accept help. When you don’t have to do it all on your own it will help you be your best self. 

Make time for yourself everyday

When you are balancing work and a new baby it is very important to take time for yourself--and this goes for both parents. What you do with your time is up to you. You can work out or meditate or read or focus on a hobby you love or just go outside. Whatever it is that you enjoy, take time each day for it. It is good for the soul.  

Be kind to yourself

This is so crucial. It is tough being a parent and an entrepreneur. There are going to be a lot of ups and downs and several tough days. It’s not easy. So you have to be loving and nurturing to yourself. Be your own best friend. Stay positive. Focus on all of the good things in your life. You are doing the best you can do, so keep that in mind and be good to yourself.

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