Episode 18: Morning Routines: Do They Really Work & Should You Have One?


What is your view of morning routines? We both actually have differing opinions on this topic. Blake is a big believer in structured morning routines, while Jacob thinks they are complete BS and likes to wake up and just start the day. 

Whichever side you are on, there are some habits and mindsets that can help you start your day right as an entrepreneur. 

Blake’s morning routine

I usually wake up around 6:00 am and I jump out of bed excited to start the day no matter how I feel. The morning really sets the tone for the rest of the day, so being mindful about how you start your day is critical. I don’t hang out in bed or hit the snooze button, once I’m awake, I’m up and out of bed. 

The first thing I do is feed my dogs and let them outside. And then, for me, it is important to have some quiet time alone to get in the right headspace for the day. In the morning before the rest of the family is up I get my coffee and I meditate for 10 minutes. That way by the time my family comes downstairs I’m ready to go. 

I automate as much as I possibly can. Anything I can do the night before to prepare for the morning, I do it. Before I go to bed I make sure I have my coffee all ready to go, I put away dishes, prepare breakfast for the kids, etc...This allows me to have less chaos in the mornings, which is extremely important. 

Jacob’s morning non-routine

I like to just wake up and face the day, whatever that may mean for that specific day. There are a lot of things, especially as a parent, that can disrupt a very structured routine. Each day is a bit different, although there are certain habits that I like to practice in order to make mornings better. For example, I don’t check social media, emails, or the news in the morning. 

I’m not one to get up super early or journal or do a daily gratitude list. There’s nothing wrong with those things, but it’s just not something that works for me. I feel like creating a structured routine and trying to stick to it every day is stressful and exhausting. What I like to do is wake up and start my day. I drink coffee, I exercise whenever I have time, and I eat a healthy breakfast. But I don’t have a list of five things to get done before I can officially start the day.  

Helpful tips for starting your day off right

Whether or not you like routines, there are some healthy habits that you can start to practice in order to have the best possible start to the day. 

  • Wake up early and exercise in the morning
  • Eat a good, healthy breakfast (high protein with some fat is good)
  • Drink lots of water, especially if you drink coffee
  • Prepare anything you can the night before (putting dishes away, prep breakfast, tidy up the main living areas, etc..)
  • Start your day off right by having a space that is as clean and organized as possible
  • Guard your mornings--keep mornings for quiet reflection, meditation, and family time
  • Try to avoid the news, social media, emails, text messages, etc...

You may have a different point of view of morning routines. The most important thing to do is find something that works for you. Don’t try to copy other people’s routines, everyone has different life circumstances, just because someone else has a routine in place doesn’t mean you have to use the same one. If something in your morning routine isn’t working, test something else out. You don’t have to get stuck in a rut just because you’ve always done the same thing in the past. What can you do today to start your mornings off in a better way? 

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