Episode 5: Don’t Let The Haters Get You Down: Surviving Trolls

entrepreneurship Apr 22, 2020

Most anyone with any kind of online presence has experienced trolls. You know—the anonymous people who make mean comments and hide behind their computer screens with the sole purpose of bringing you down. Our interactions with trolls started early in our journeys as entrepreneurs and have only gotten worse as our businesses have grown.

Jacob and I regularly get troll comments on our social media posts, LinkedIn articles and YouTube videos. At the beginning we were tempted to respond to them and start an argument, but we realized that doing that was futile and only gave the trolls a bigger platform. We’ve learned that the best way to deal with trolls is to delete the comment, block the user and move on. I’ve even used the anger that comes from receiving a troll comment as fuel to push me harder and prove them wrong.

I’ve also discovered the power of building up resilience. I build up places in my life where I can get positive energy instead of focusing on negativity. That means taking time to meditate, talk with friends and family and engage in positive hobbies and activities. With more positivity in your life, it’s easier to ignore the temptation to engage with trolls or take their words personally.

Having a strong support system and talking about negative comments with people you trust can also help you push through the difficulties. It can also be helpful to pay more attention to positive feedback and remember that trolls don’t have any substance and are just there to try to ruin their day. Don’t let them. Stay calm, composed and don’t respond out of anger. Think of receiving a negative comment as a chance to show how powerful you are and to showcase your discipline. Other people will see right through the trolls to how you handle the situation.

Criticism is part of life, no matter if you’re an entrepreneur or working for someone else. What really defines you is your reaction to the situation. Choose to stay away from negative, trolling comments and keep providing value to your audience and organization. The trolls might be too scared to hide their faces, but you can put your face into the world with positivity.

To learn more about how we deal with trolls and negative criticism, plus some great stories of how trolls have come after us, tune into this week’s episode of the BYOB Podcast.

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