Episode 11: 8 Ways To Acquire New Customers In 2020

entrepreneurship Jun 03, 2020

No matter your business, the hardest part is always getting new customers. You not only have to find the right people for your product or service, but also stand out from the competition to get their attention, build a relationship and make the sale.

In our businesses, Jacob and I sell a variety of products and services, ranging from online courses to books and speaking engagements. We’ve experimented with countless ways to get customers and struggled along the way to finding the most effective ways to get new customers.

Here are the eight best ways to acquire new customers in 2020:

  1. Connect with third parties. Third parties do much of the work for you in connecting you to customers. In our work as speakers, Jacob and I can either reach out to organizations directly to pitch our services, or we can work through a third-party speaker’s bureau that connects speakers to audiences. Customers who contact speakers’ bureaus need a speaker, and it puts us where customers are already looking for business.
  2. Participate in industry events. Every industry has conferences and events, some of which are incredibly niche. Attend these events to network and connect with potential clients. Even if you aren’t a professional speaker, you can apply to speak or sit on a panel to share your expertise with your target audience.
  3. Advertise on related channels. This method is simple but effective: find where your customers read and advertise there. If they read certain magazines, blogs or social media channels, put your advertisements in those areas. The key with traditional and social media advertising is to look for a targeted audience and find the related channels your customers already use.
  4. Use content marketing. Creating useful content is how Jacob and I have built the vast majority of our businesses. Write a blog or create videos about things that people are searching for. Provide a service through content and teach people something they don’t know. Content marketing isn’t just about talking about yourself—it means filling a need for potential customers. Be thoughtful and provide interesting content to grow your brand and attract customers.
  5. Create products to capture leads. Free products and content provide value to potential customers while also providing you with their contact information. We have created a wide variety of free content, including assessments, videos and courses that people get access to by sharing their email address. We then use that information to stay in touch using our newsletters, which helps us build relationships.
  6. Leverage your existing network. Realize the power of connections and relationships. Network online and in person and use those connections to sell your products and grow your brand. Even if networking feels uncomfortable, push yourself to go to events and join groups and associations to build connections.
  7. Become a thought leader. People want to do business with someone they see as an expert. Build your personal brand by becoming a thought leader on a certain subject. Write a book, create a portfolio of your best work and build credibility. The more you have to say and the more visible your work is, the more potential customers will see your name and know about your business.
  8. Get endorsements. Have support to back up your content. It’s one thing to say your products or services are great, but it’s more effective when it comes from another credible person. Jacob asks for testimonials after every speaking engagement, which has led to a number of prominent companies and leaders supporting his business and adding to his credibility.

Acquiring new customers is a continual process. These eight techniques are just the beginning of ways to find new customers, but we have found them to be some of the most successful methods. Build your brand, be authentic and be visible, and the customers will come.

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