4 Ways You Can Find Inspiration


As an entrepreneur you need to consistently find ways to be inspired when you are frustrated, burned out, or stressed. We all have days where we just don’t want to work. If you’ve ever felt like you hate your business and you just want to do nothing for an entire day, you are not alone. This is something we have struggled with over the years.

When it comes to inspiration, you can’t force the ideas to come, you just have to set the stage to get the juices flowing and eventually you will be inspired. So what can you do when you hit a wall? Today we are sharing four tools that have worked for us when we are struggling for inspiration.

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  1. Go outside: Go hiking in the woods, go swimming at the beach, sit outside and listen to the birds. Nature can be so calming. It can do a lot of good to walk away from your computer screen and get out into the beauty of nature. We have both found that being out in nature really helps our minds move away from work, stress, and problems to a more peaceful state. 
  2. Connect with other people: Other people can bring different perspectives and mindsets. Friends and family can help you sort through problems, they can spark new ideas, they can help you see the bigger picture. They may not be in your same industry so they can bring fresh and new ideas. It’s important to have a variety of people you can go to. Along with friends and family it is important to have business contacts who you can go do, whether it is a mentor or a past coworker just having someone who knows your industry can help. 
  3. Practice self care: In order to feel inspired and motivated you have to feel at your best. That means you have to take good care of yourself--mind, body, and soul. Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Eat healthy. Find time to meditate and/or exercise. If you feel stuck or having a hard day take a bath or get a massage or go for a walk. Be aware of your habits and try to improve on the ones that are negative. You work at your best when you are feeling at your best. 
  4. Find hobbies that you enjoy: Hobbies can help you get your mind off of work while still allowing you to feel engaged and challenged. Hobbies can also be relaxing. There are so many different things you can do. You can garden, play chess, bake, play a sport, learn a new language, do volunteer work, etc...Find something that you enjoy, that helps you escape work and stress.


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